7seven6ix is a clothing brand that went defunct before launch. The idea of the brand was to be an up market style brand, along the same market as SuperDry, Hollister, Lyle & Scott, and Abercombie & Fitch. However, sharing the same market and customers was a bit tricky and also played out. As the clothing and logo's became more solidified in design we decided it was good to bring in a hint of urban style to the brand, so that it would reach a new target audience. An audience that would wear clothes from Phat Farm, Ecko, Rocawear, and Timberland, but also wear the SuperDry's and Hollisters, etc. I had designed 2 range of t-shirt designs as a start for the brand, as having too much for customers to pick from eventually leaves left over stock. With these 2 range's I had mocked up every design onto t-shirts. The clothing brand was to be a black and white based brand, with no colours. As chief designer I decided that It would a good direction because this market was not hit, or catered to. The brand went defunct as the client took their life off in to a different direction, the brand became non-existent.

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