Designer, Director.

Discussing ideas is the best way to connect with people. I'm very focused on creating conceptually smart, yet provocative art for various forms of media from editorial, illustrations, cover art to UX and UI journeys. Communication is the key to great visuals, I constantly explore new ways to speak to consumers through my work.

With a masters degree in Digital Media arts and working for clients such as Nintendo, SBTV, LinkupTV, I have a vast knowledge in many formats of media including Digital, UI, Print and Film. I design, shoot, edit, colour grade, retouch and can also code and develop websites. I strive for the best results and have over 10 years of experience in a range of creative roles.

I also run a creative agency called XTUX.

GRM Daily
BBC Radio 1
Complex UK
Linkup TV
Sways Universe 

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