A campaign for Bleu Ribbon, a UK based hair company. I was given the job of shooting the behind the scenes, and editing the footage together. Tracer assigned to the video campaign and the interviews which were in the Behind the scenes footage. Photography was taken control of Calvin Condry Mlilo.
While countless hair companies simply follow the latest trends, Bléuribbon has embraced a more innovative approach, accomplishing its supreme position at the forefront of the hair extensions market by maintaining high standards of service and providing luxury hair to women of all ethnicities. Bléuribbon brings the finest in new modernisation and style, impassioning the latest world- wide trends with an exclusive collection of hair extension.
We have established ourselves as one of the most well renown hair companies providing our clients the best quality hair extensions, having been fortunate to expand our customer base through out North America and Africa. This in large is due to a zealous and committed team who share the same values to instinctively fulfil the needs of customers. - Bleu Ribbon
Virgin Brazilian Afro Curly Weave
Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions
Virgin Peruvian Deep Wave Hair Extensions
Virgin Peruvian Hair Extensions
Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions
Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions
Shot - Alex Frances & Tracer Ital
Edited - Alex Frances
Music - PA
Directed - Tracer Ital
Shot & Directed - Tracer Ital
Design - Alex Frances
Photography - Calvin Condry Mlilo
Photography & Direction - Calvin Condry Mlilo
Makeup artists - Britta Tess & Joy Adenuga
Hair - Philip Eric & Oteshaa Lutetta (The boss look)
Virgin Brazilian Afro Curly Weave - Nadine Mendes
Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions - Mimi Correia
Virgin Peruvian Deep Wave Hair Extensions - Yasmin Hass-Sinclair
Virgin Peruvian Hair Extensions - Sandra Martin
Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions - Rebecca Foxwell
Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions - Holly Owens

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