Sibling Jointz X Alex Frances. Artwork based on the 3 Musketeers & D'Artagnan Font used: Echelon from SMB Studios (Samuel Carter Mensah). Each character has their own traits for the cover. Athos being the romantic kind, but also having his dark attributes has a very airy and dark cover art. Aramis being deeply religious has Crosses and a center path toward the pedestal of a church. Porthos being a dandy and fashionable character has his stylish rapiers/blades/swords. and d'Artagnan being in the shadow of Porthos because of him being his father figure. All covers have been blogged on a derivative of VICE media, you can check them out under each cover
Athos - WeAreSME Review
Porthos - WeAreSME Review
Aramis - WeAreSME Review

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