JME is a track by London based rapper, Manny Festo. The song was entitled JME because of the lyrics used in the chorus, which are lyrics from an old JME track. The track is a homage paid to JME. The project was originally a coursework based project for my University course in Digital Media Arts (MA). The project idea was to create a media based artefact that included many different types of styles and digital media types. I decided to produce a music video which used projectors to display a visualisation that reacted with the music, alongside the lyrics that were displayed for performance. I had already come up with an idea which would include music, artwork, performance, and motion graphics. I needed someone  to have a song to do the music video for. I had a half finished version of the song on my hard drive, and called Manny up. We decided on extra ideas, and had the song finished within a week. From being a university assignment, we managed to get the video hosted by SBTV.
Shot & Directed - Alex Frances
Edited - Alex Frances
Performed - Manny Festo & Ching
Music Production - Mr. Carmack
Hosted - SBTV/Jamal Edwards
Photography - Alex Frances
Design - Alex Frances
Shot - Alex Frances, Ching & Manny Festo

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